Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diskeeper claims victory over disk fragmentation

Diskeeper said it has developed a software that prevents up to 85% of disk fragmentation, which should lead to a significant increase in computer system performance. Read more...

Snow Leopard doesn't sync with Palm OS devices

Apple launches Snow Leopard, posts support docs

Windows 7 Family Pack available for pre-order early online

Reports: $29 Snow Leopard upgrade works on Tiger, too

Analysts: Windows 7 could spur enterprise PC sales

Angry Adobe users rant about Snow Leopard support

Apple adds basic anti-malware to Snow Leopard

Free software group attacks Windows 7 'sins'

Microsoft expands Office antipiracy 'nagging' to U.S. users

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What's the real deal with 64-bit computing in Snow Leopard?
Apple touts Snow Leopard's 64-bit capabilities as a selling point for the operating system, but bloggers are claiming it's not a true 64-bit OS. Columnist Ryan Faas cuts through the confusion.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Perfection, refined
New releases of Apple's Mac OS X operating system are highly anticipated because each one upgrades the Mac platform in the best way. That is, for Mac users, a new Mac OS X release is always like getting a new computer. Apple generally brags of hundreds of new features folded into each release, and post-upgrade exploration is an enjoyable exercise that marks cultural and design differences between the Mac and the PC.

Snow Leopard: Which apps, utilities have been left behind?
Like any new OS, Apple's Snow Leopard has left a few applications behind. We look at some of those that don't yet work, and offer a few alternatives.

Services step out in Snow Leopard
The Services menu in OS X has always been promising. In theory, it's a convenient way to perform common operations on files or text. For instance, you can select a file in the Finder, then navigate to Finder -> Services -> Mail -> Send File, and the file will be attached to a new e-mail message, just waiting for an address and delivery. Or select a chunk of text on a Web site in Safari, then choose Safari -> Services -> Make New Sticky Note, to create a new note containing that selected text.

Gauging Snow Leopard's speed gains
Apple describes Snow Leopard as a top-to-bottom refinement of existing features. One major goal of those refinements: Improved performance.

11 major new Snow Leopard features
Snow Leopard may be a "minor" update to Mac OS X, but it's got plenty of big new features. Here's an inside look.

Snow Leopard: The in-depth review
Apple has spent the last decade building and improving Mac OS X, fusing the classic Mac OS and technology acquired from Steve Jobs's Next into an impressive mainstream operating system that's widely considered the best in its class. But after a decade of constant advancement and regular operating-system upgrades, Apple has taken a pause with the release of Snow Leopard, also known as Mac OS X 10.6. Instead of adding hundreds of new features, Apple has chosen to use Snow Leopard to cut ties with the past, plan for the future, and take dead aim on its present competition.

Upgrading to Apple's Snow Leopard OS: What you need to know
With its new Snow Leopard operating system, Apple has made the Mac OS X upgrade process as painless as possible. We walk you through the steps.

Review: Apple's Snow Leopard opens door to a fab future
Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers a slew of hidden advances including increased speed and efficiency; plus the combination of OpenCL, 64-bit mode and Grand Central Dispatch lays the groundwork for big advances to come. At $29, it's a steal.

Opinion: What's wrong with Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard's not-quite-enterprise-class support for Exchange 2007 and Cisco's VPN protocol are chief among the disappointments for businesses.


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